September 10 - 12, 2009    Amsterdam , Netherlands
The conference series on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction is the premier international forum for state of the art in research on affective and multi modal human-machine interaction and systems. Every other year the ACII conference plays an important role in shaping related scientific, academic, and higher education programs.
This year, we are especially soliciting papers discussing Enabling Behavioral and Socially-Aware Human-Machine Interfaces in areas including psychology and cognition of affective and social behaviour in HCI, affective and social behaviour analysis and synthesis, affective and social robotics.

General conference topics will include:

    * Recognition & Synthesis of Human Affect (face/ body/ speech/ physiology/ text analysis & synthesis)
    * Affective & Behavioural Interfaces (adaptive/ human-centered/ collaborative/ proactive interfaces)
    * Affective & Social Robotics (robot’s cognition & action, embodied emotion, bio-inspired architectures)
    * Affective Conversational Agents (emotion, personality, memory, reasoning, and architectures of ECA)
    * Psychology & Cognition of Affect in Affective Computing Systems (including cultural and ethical issues)
    * Affective Databases, Evaluation & Annotation Tools
    * Applications (virtual reality, entertainment, education, smart environments and biometric applications)


Location: De Rode Hoed
Contact Keizersgracht 102 Amsterdam , Netherlands