November 20 - 23, 2013    Alger , Argeria

Visitantes: 9500
Expositores: 83
Algeria 5th Siva Exhibition : 2nd International Exhibition of Glass & Aluminium

Algeria's economy remains dominated by the state, a legacy of the country's socialist post-independence development model.
The industrial sector earns the lion’s share of revenue for the government. 58.1% of the population is involved in this sector.
Algeria has an open economy, foreign trade representing three quarters of the GDP. Various laws has passed in order to encourage foreign investment in energy exploration and in some other sectors. In keeping with its pro-trade agenda, Algeria achieved association status with the European Union in September 2005. Over a 12-year period, the association agreement is expected to enable Algeria to export goods to the EU tariff-free, while it gradually lifts tariffs on imports from the EU. Algeria has signed bilateral investment agreements with 20 different nations, including many European countries, China,
Egypt, Malaysia, and Yemen.

The major industries are petroleum, oil, natural gas, light, electrical, mining, petrochemical and food processing in Algeria. The hydrocarbon sector forms the backbone of Algerian economy. It accounts for 60% of the budget revenue, 30% of GDP and over 95% of export earnings. Algeria ranks fourth among oil and natural gas exporting countries. The macro economy indicators of the country improved after the sustained high price of oil. This in turn has helped to enhance the GDP growth of the country.

Who Visits?
• Manufacturers of raw materials, processing and packaging,
• Agents in design and innovation ,
• Training organizations, associations and institutes,

What are exhibited

• Glass manufacturing and production techniques
• Flat glass, hollow glass and stretched,
• Laminated glass, container glass,


Location: Safex Exhibition Park
La Société Algérienne des Foires et Exportations (Safex - SPA) est une entreprise publique issue de la transformation de l’objet social et de la dénomination de l'Office National des Foires et..
Contact Exhibition Center Pins Maritimes 16000 ,Algeria Algiers , Algeria

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