August 1 - 2, 2012
Boosting Productivity and Mitigating Risks to Achieve Globalisation
Shaping the Future of Captives and BPOs in the Philippines

Shared services centres and BPOs are evolving faster than ever to meet the new challenges in 2012/13. New policies from the US and Europe that could potentially impact future growth plans coupled with inflation (causing rising costs) are impacting service delivery.

Adding to this pressure are the burgeoning opportunities within the Philippines, which make it more difficult for the shared services and BPO sectors are to deliver more services to more geographies and with elevated productivity levels.
World Class Shared Services

It’s about time for the Philippines to be crowned as the captive and BPO hub in Asia through fortifying their world class operations with enhanced business re-engineering strategies. Utilising continuous improvement cycles within business services and processes are critical in setting a new benchmark in global business services.

Seize the opportunity to get ahead by capitalising on case studies addressing:

-Techniques to mitigate, avoid and resolve external and internal environmental risks
-Practical approaches to gain significant process improvement and minimize operational costs
-Strategies to accelerate global service delivery growth and enhance service quality

Give Your Skills a Boost

Join the Focus Day on the 3 August to get up close to all new business process enhancement strategies and become experts in:

-Re-engineering functional processes to elevate service delivery from the internal customers perspective
-Aligning and designing shared services model to match business objectives
-Achieve an equilibrium for global service delivery meeting local requirements

With 2 hours of non-stop information sharing from each facilitator, this additional day will be com


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