November 27 - December 1, 2013    Ahmedabad , India
India’s Largest Engineering & Machine Tools Exhibition Held At University Ground, Ahmedabad

ENGIMACH majorly covers 40 sectors of the machine tools industry and more than 20 countries have participated in the last 9 editions since 1997. It offers an ideal launch pad for new ideas, products and services, a conducive platform for forging joint ventures and collaborations and an open marketplace to source ideal solutions. In sum, ENGIMACH is the open-access doorway to the global marketplace and a business solution.

ENGIMACH showcases an exhaustive range of innovations and technology in the complete product range of engineering, machinery and machine tools industry.

ENGIMACH is today regarded as one of Asia’s most dynamic industrial exhibitions. Since its inception in the early nineties, K and D Communication Limited have envisioned ENGIMACH to evolve as one of the most awaited and eagerly participated industrial events in India and overseas. Through committed endeavor and a no-comprise attitude to quality, the company has brought that vision to reality a long time ago. Now, K and D Communication Limited is on a drive to expand the scope of ENGIMACH exhibitions – to turn it from a pan-Asian event to a pan-European event and eventually, into a truly global experience.

Though its worldwide networking, preemptive planning and execution, intelligent space management and meticulous control of macro and micro level logistics, the group ensures that every participant of ENGIMACH gains from the event. The extraordinary care that goes into every aspect of the event and the gains that participating companies have garnered in real terms, have made ENGIMACH a permanent date in corporate calendars of hundreds of companies across India and other Asian countries.

Target Sectors & Beneficiary: Engineering, Machine Tools, Steel and Stainless Steel, Electrical and Electronics, Pumps, Valves & P


Location: University Ground
The University Ground was a test cricket stadium in Lucknow, India. The first and the only international test match was played on 23-26 October 1952 between India and Pakistan. The venue however was..
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