June 23 - 24, 2010    Yacarta , Indonesia
The Asia Pacific Coatings Show is the leading coatings event in South East Asia and the Pacific Rim for raw materials suppliers and equipment manufacturers for the coatings industry. The 2010 event is moving to a brand new destination, Jakarta in Indonesia.

For the last few years, the Indonesian coatings market has developed nicely along with the economic growth of the country. The market will continue to grow and is supported by many economic indicators. It also has a sound economic foundation under the present government.

The infrastructure projects such as power plants, bridges and the marine sector in Indonesia have contributed to the growth of the market for industrial paints. This is expected to continue as Indonesia spends more on upgrading and building a new infrastructure. Many regions that are doing well due to palm oil, mining businesses and other industries are seeing growth in their infrastructure and this shall contribute to the benefit of the paint industry.


Location: Jakarta Convention Center
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