October 18 - 20, 2011    Kiew , Ukraine
The exhibition will be held in the frames of the INDUSTRIAL WEEK

Themes of the Exhibition:
-scientific developments, modern technologies, researches;
-development of the technological incubator system, industrial parks, technology towns;
-equipment for metal, wood, ceramics, plastics processing;
-instruments for cutting and processing of metal, wood, polymer materials;
-diamond, hard-alloyed, precision, manual electrical tools;
-bearing and gears;
-pneumatic and hydraulic tools;
-equipment for welding and cutting of metal;
-refrigerating and drying equipments, ventilation installations;
-lubrication technique, oil;
-energetic machine-building;
-electrical and instrument-making industry: generators, turbogenerators, transformers, electrical engines, energy-saving sources of light and light technique, cable conduct goods, electric welding equipment;
-chemical machine-building (compressors, armature, pumps);
control instrumentation; laboratory equipment; chemicals for laboratories of machine-building enterprises;
-special transport and manipulator equipment, auxiliary technique for mounting;
-automation and mechanization of technological processes;
-consumer goods of machine-building enterprises.


Location: Expocenter of Ukraine
The National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine” – the only state exhibition establishment of Ukraine – the organizer of international and national exhibitions and fairs, powerful, demonstrative center of..
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