May 4 - 6, 2011    Verona , Italien
Greenbuilding is launching a third edition of Illuminazioni, its showroom dedicated to excellence in construction, which this year will focus on the theme of “Energy retrofitting historical buildings”.
Illuminazioni is a highly technological and innovative response to the latest demands of sustainable architecture. The up-coming edition will present current trends in diagnosis and analysis of building characteristics, passive building performance as well as active systems and upgrading building installations, all focused on energy recovery in historical buildings and monuments.


Location: VeronaFiere
The Verona Exhibition Authority (the legal name of VeronaFiere) officially became an international exhibition centre in 1977 yet traces its origins to shows linked with agriculture and horses launched..
Kontaktieren V.le del Lavoro 8, 37135 Verona , Italy
+39 045 8298111

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