October 5 - 9, 2010
Microwave photonics

Microwave photonics is a pioneering technological innovation that has taken the scientific community by storm in recent years. This technology is where microwave signals are sharpened and respond quickly to commands by studying the frequency of signals sent and received by microwave photonic applications. Because microwave photonics is essentially about creating a rapid response system of how sensors interact with requests, engineers are thinking about integrating the technology with wireless networks.

How microwave photonics can be applied with wireless technology
Wireless technologies for Internet and satellites are powered by nimble antennas that pick up on signals with laser-sharp efficiency. How microwave photonics can be applied to make them better is by working in tandem with the antennas to deliver a crisp signal. What needs to be done is an antenna needs to be built within the framework of microwave photonics, whether this antenna is for the Internet, Bluetooth or satellite communication. The key to creating this compatibility between wireless technology and microwave photonics is by using microwave photonic materials that make synergy easier to achieve.

Microwave photonics are absolutely critical for specific actions need to be carried out using antennas. Wireless technology applications require that antennas submit information and receive through the usage of beams. This is known as antenna beamforming. This technology was created because of microwave photonic technology.


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