May 26 - 28, 2010    Xi'an , 中国
2nd China International Aircraft Interiors & Design Expo

Market Report
According to the newly released by Airbus, China demands

15 thousands aircrafts in the future 20 years. By the year of 2020, China will possess more than

22 thousands aircrafts, merely under USA and become the 2nd largest civil aviation market.

At that time, the amount of aircraft by purchasing and leasing will total at 6,200, costing USD

over 649 billion.

In order to release the pressure of international aviation market, and fulfill long-term travel
demands of domestic passengers, a refitment to modern aircraft is necessary besides improving
the level of comfort and services in saloon-cabin and business cabin and purchasing high
standard aircrafts. USD 92 million was invested by Air China to refit salon-cabin and
business-cabin of 15 broad long-range aircraft, merely a single seat in saloon-cabin needs

USD 53 thousands. The high standard aircrafts of China account for less than 15 percent of

the total amount, It is obvious that China hold a great potential market of aircraft refitment

as well as large amount requirment of Aircraft interiors


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