October 28 - 31, 2014    Parma , 意大利
The experience of Fiere di Parma in the agro-industrial and UCIMA in the enhancement of the field of packaging and packaging, there is a new project for the promotion of technologies and solutions for the Food Industry and Beverages. Cibus event for over 70 years in the service of the Food Industry, is enhanced by a new section of the exhibition, Food Pack, dedicated to the best technologies for wrapping and packaging of food products. From processing to packaging l ' technological innovation in the service of Management and Technical Industry Food and Beverage. Efficient production, food security and sustainability of production processes will be the focus of the content of the event.


Location: Fiere di Parma
Fiere di Parma enjoys a privileged position among Italian fairs. The Fair Centre lies at the heart of central northern Italy, tucked inside the most thriving economic area, near the major production..
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