June 5 - 8, 2012    莫斯科 , 俄罗斯
In a short time CityPipe became the most powerful marketing tool to demonstrate all novelties in the sector of construction and operation of pipeline systems for municipal infrastructure. In the very beginning CityPipe was just a part of ECWATECH exhibition (water and wastewater technology show). But nowadays this exposition has become a separate exhibition attracting the companies from other industry sectors of municipal utilities: gas, power and heat supply, communications etc.

For Exhibitors » Why to participate?
According to researches of the international exhibition market research agencies 91% of trade fair visitors state that they receive information about market exactly at exhibitions. In crisis times personal contact becomes more actual than ever - about 70% of visitors consider direct communication to be the most important element prior to the deal.

Trade fairs have been and still remain one of the most effective marketing tool, they swiftly reflect the conditions of a market. This is really "a market mirror".

For Exhibitors » Products and Services Index

-Pipes and manholes for:
water disposal (sewerage, drainage, etc.)
water supply
heat supply
gas supply
-Equipment for pipes manufacturing
-Materials for pipes manufacturing
-Valves and fittings
-Technologies, machines, equipment and materials for construction of piping systems
-Technologies, machines, equipment and materials for repair of piping systems
-Technologies, machines, equipment and materials for construction of trenchless piplines
-Technologies, machines, equipment and materials for rapair of trenchless pipline
-Piping systems diagnostics
-Machines, equipment and materials for operation of piping systems
-Piping systems operation
-Corrosion prevention
-Quality control
-Design, reserch and development
-IT i


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